Training your team

Modula offers training courses to equip our clients with the latest information on our automated storage systems. With three levels of instruction available, the courses are an excellent way of ensuring the members of your team are operating your Modula units optimally. Courses are available upon request.

Basic operator training

Basic Operator Training consists of an overview of all standard functions required to efficiently operate Modula products.

Advanced operator training

Advanced Operator Training includes all of the instruction of the Basic Operator Training, with the addition of teaching a skilled operator and/or maintenance person how to access the manual controls. With this knowledge, the operator will be able to solve the majority of the most common errors and gain a better understanding of the unit’s system.

Maintenance operator training

Maintenance Operator Training adds additional mechanical instruction to all the information provided in Basic Operator Training and Advanced Operator Training. This course will show a skilled operator and/or maintenance person how to replace many of the machine components associated with common technical errors. Such in-depth knowledge is valuable in minimizing machine downtime beyond what is taught in Advanced Operator Training.

Are you a Modula client interested in our training courses?