Time saving

Choosing an automated vertical storage system will save you an enormous amount of time.

Goods actually become easier to access and operators don’t have to move around to pick or refill goods. They stay close to the automated Modula Lift throughout the picking operations.

Searching for materials takes much less time as the goods are located inside the Modula system and the required materials are brought directly into the picking bay according to the “goods to man” principle.

Another advantages of automated storage and retrieval system is that operators can be interchangeable. The Modula’s automated storage systems can provide information on the status of the stored goods. This facilitates location of their whereabouts by ensuring the traceability of goods.

Find out how to optimize time and staff management with Modula automated vertical warehouse solution for maximum production efficiency!

In addition you can save time with the Modula WMS software. Every time goods are stored or retrieved, the operator is given clear indications about theoretical stock levels and can compare these with real stock levels and facilitate their alignment in the event of an inventory.