Customized configurations

Depending on requirements, Modula can design a custom warehouse configuration with various unit heights, payloads, dimensions, options and types of operator bays.

In particular, Modula offers 12 operator bay configurations: internal, external, single, or dual, each with three bay heights (695 mm, 895 mm, and 1295 mm) to choose from.

The internal bay is the ideal solution for when you need to limit the floor space occupied by the machine.

The external bay offers a working environment with better operator ergonomics and is ideal when combined with bridge cranes or mechanical manipulators for lifting heavy objects.

Both of these configurations can be fitted with a single delivery level, suitable for when access to the machine is sporadic or for when picking time for the operator is very short.

The dual delivery level reduces operator waiting times: the waiting tray arrives in the bay only a few seconds after picking has been completed from the previous tray. When combined with an external bay, this almost simultaneous changeover of trays helps to significantly increase productivity.

There is also a wide range of options that can be used to improve the performance of any custom Modula warehouse configuration. Thanks to their modular design, these options can be implemented at any time in the warehouse’s life-cycle.

From visual picking aids, user authentication systems, order preparation and productivity tools through to tray options, there’s a solution for every requirement.