Spare parts kits

There’s no need to wait for spare parts to arrive — we’ll prepare a spare parts kit tailored to your Modula equipment. Based on machine usage, these kits can be kept onsite to be used as needed. It’s the fastest way to repair a machine if it fails to perform as expected or to proactively replace parts before a problem arises. Composed exclusively of genuine Modula parts, these kits are a smart way of planning ahead and minimizing downtime.

Need to order a kit appropriate for your Modula automated storage system?

Accessories and upgrades

Level up with Modula accessories! For customers seeking improved functionality and performance, Modula offers accessories and upgrades that can be added at any time. While standard Modula units greatly enhance the productivity of any materials handling operation, adding visual and picking aid options can elevate the performance even further while reducing the chances of your operators making errors as they prepare orders.