Modula 即将抢占东南亚市场:“东南 Modula”分公司已成立 Modula to conquer Southeast Asia: the new branch “Modula South East” is born


“The way to get started is to quit talking and being doing” (Walt Disney)

2020 年开始面临全新的商业挑战:在新加坡新成立了一家东南亚 Modula 分公司。这支新组建的团队致力于商务、行政管理、财务和技术支持,为安装工作提供本地协助和予以监督。自宣称俄亥俄州的新工厂将于 2020 年 10 月竣工后,新成立的东南亚 Modula 分公司确认了其在东亚地区拓展业务的意愿。
2020 began with a new commercial challenge: the new branch Modula South East headquartered in Singapore.
A new team dedicated to commercial side, administration, finance, and a technical support ready to act locally to provide assistance and supervise the installations.
After the announcement of the new Ohio plant that will be open in October 2020, the new branch Modula South East confirms the will of Modula to expand in the East.

东南亚 Modula 将与 Modula(中国)自动化设备有限公司精诚合作,共同开拓亚洲市场,强化在新加坡、越南、菲律宾、马来西亚、印度尼西亚、泰国、孟加拉国、巴基斯坦和韩国的经销商和合作伙伴网络建设。中国工厂将遵循意大利萨尔瓦特拉 (RE) 工厂的工业 4.0 准则进行加工生产,采用与意大利工厂完全相同的技术,预计每年将生产 1000 余个立式仓储系统

Modula South East will work alongside Modula China Automation Equipment to cover the Asian market, strengthening the net of dealers and partners in Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Malesia, Indonesia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Korea.

The Chinese plant was built following the Industry 4.0 principles of the Italian plant in Salvaterra (RE) and is expected to produce over 1000 vertical lift storage systems per year with the same technologies of the Italian plant.