Modula 电子商务解决方案 | The ideal solution for E-commerce


For anyone with an e-Commerce business, it is essential to store products for sale online in a clear, ordered and consistent manner. These are products with a fast turn-over, or others which sell only occasionally, or others with long preparation times. All of these different dynamics can be made simple and kept under control by using Modula vertical warehouses and WMS software. There are also seasonal variations linked to fluctuating demand which carry financial costs when this means having several warehouses or more space at certain times of the year. Correct logistics management in e-Commerce can really make the difference between the suc-cess and failure of your online store.



Modula is the solution for:

  • saving a lot of storage space by utilizing the   height of your warehouse 利用仓库的高度节省大量的存储空间

  • better product preservation 更好的保存产品

  • helping you iron out any differences between current stock levels and  sales 帮助您解决当前库存水平和销售水平之间的差异

  • having the products available that your customers want 提供客户需要的产品

  • preventing errors during order preparation 防止订单准备过程中的错误

  • speeding up dispatch 加快派遣

  • reducing returns due to errors 减少错误折返

  •  simplifying inventory operations 简化库存操作

  • improving stock level management 提升库存管理水平

  • saving operator effort 节省人力成本

  • improving operator working conditions改善操作人员的工作条件


With Modula, you can separate your goods across different trays to best suit your order preparation system. For example, order by:

brand 品牌 

product type 产品类型 


product rotation frequency or lifecycle

Using separators and dividers, a single tray can hold lots of different items which are uniquely identified by the Software mapping system.


With a vertical warehouse, all your materials are located in the same place and your operators no longer have to walk needlessly from place to place.

Picking and refilling operations are carried out in the picking bay which is located at the ideal ergonomic height for the operator. The tray can be manually called to the bay (using the touch screen console) or automatically by remote control. In this case, it is controlled by the WMS soft-ware connected to your ERP systems. At the end of each picking and refilling operation, a confir-mation of the operation is requested. This allows the warehouse to continue operations or update stock levels if fitted with WMS software. Moreover, with the dual bay the next item can be waiting to arrive into the bay while processing the preceding item. This significantly increases throughput and obviously eliminates any movement by the operator who has everything in the same place.


Keeping an eye on security

Does your e-Commerce business handle valuable materials?

Do you want to be sure that your goods are safe from wandering hands?

Modula can limit access to trays and products using dedicated logins and passwords or EKS, BADGE or RFID readers.

You can track all product movements at any time.




All your stock with one click

Disappointed customers who don’t receive their or-der or who realize that the latest product is not avail-able, or who receive an email telling them that the product is unavailable after they’ve ordered it are completely avoidable problems if your warehouse is properly managed.如果客户没有收到他们的订单,者最新的产品无法使用,或被电子邮件告知订单产品没货,他们将十分失望,如果你的仓库管理得当,这些问题都不会出现。

By inserting a Modula warehouse into your company systems, you can easily integrate it with whatever software you are using, and this will allow you to:通过将Modula仓库插入到您的公司系统中,您可以很容易地将它与您所使用的其他软件集成在一起,这将使您可以:

  • make regular checks on incoming and outgoing items and update warehouse stock levels 定期检查进出货物并更新仓库库存水平 

  • properly organize stock by dividing it according to various specifications, such as model, size, dimensions, colors 

  • manage or more easily arrange minimum stock levels which may restrict the sale of products very close to running out 对最低库存水平进行管理和安排,以防产品不足

  • control theoretical stock levels and keep them aligned with real or desired levels including using stock adjustments 调整库存,控制理论库存水平,使其与实际或预期水平保持一致

  •  keep the alignment of physical and system stock levels under control 控制实际醋昆和系统库存的一致

These operations allow you to manage orders properly and update the system just in time as orders are processed. 这些操作可以让您准确管理订单,并在处理订单时及时更新系统。