éolane group, founded in 1975, is a leading electronic manufacturing service provider in Europe, with more than 3200 excellent employees worldwide.


The rapid development of éolane’s business in China has brought more and more orders. In order to better serve our customers and improve production capacity, more inventory is needed to support production. Due to the shortage of storage space in the existing warehouse, they decided to use Modula VLMs.

Optimum ergonomic retrieval height.


Since the end of July 2021, éolane has used 6 Modula to store materials, mainly storing electronic materials such as SMT coil, tray, PCB and special packaging materials. By using vertical warehouses, the storage spaces has been saved by 30%.

The anti-static function helps to protect electronic materials, the sliding console reduces the movement of personnel, the double tray function minimizes the waiting time of operators, and the authority control management improves material security.